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Fresh, clean and new equipment, delivered right to your booth on your schedule and set up by industry professionals - all for FAR LESS than show pricing - even on short notice!

As an approved vendor at all major convention and meeting facilities, you can relax knowing that your service and support continue right to the end of the show. Trained industry professionals with real-world know how will take care of all aspects of delivery and set up before the show and pick up after the show. During your event, you have 24/7 technical support and our guarantee - in the unlikely event of a malfunction, we will repair or replace the equipment immediately.

Select from our large inventory of specialized presentation services and equipment whether your needs are small or large. If this is your first event or your 1000'th, our comprehensive array of products and services will help you capture and hold attention, make your own unique statement, increase booth traffic, and make your next event more spectacular and successful than you ever thought possible - all for less than you ever imagined!

Top-quality gear, excellent service and great prices - who says you can't have it all?